What Bassoon Players Can Learn From Casino Gaming

It is funny how you can learn about one aspect of life from another completely unrelated sphere. You could be playing football, and suddenly something happens that changes your perspective of, say, driving.

Similarly, bassoon players can learn a lot from playing online casino games. Time spent playing slots or poker on playstar us can have life-changing effects on a bassoon player.


Waiting for a roulette wheel to come to a stop or a baccarat round to end can cause anxiety. At other times, losing streaks in a casino appear to last too long. Similarly, bassoon players may feel that they are taking too long to learn some skills. In both instances, patience and calmness are of the essence. It helps you remain level-headed and do what you need to do.

Go in for the Fun

Before anything else, have fun. If you go into a casino simply to make money, your chances of getting depressed are high. If you play the bassoon with the sole goal of becoming a world legend, you will soon get disillusioned. However, if your purpose is to enjoy the ride, you will enjoy every step and won’t even notice time passing as you become a virtuoso.

Take Breaks

This is not emphasized enough. It’s the Jack, work, and dullness scenario. If playing the bassoon feels like work, you will cease to enjoy it. Taking a break is a good way to rejuvenate your psyche.


Just like casino players enjoy and are good in different games, bassoon players are also versatile. Know which style of play suits you best and become a master at it.