Popular Bassoon Events and Programs

The bassoon was invented around the 17th century and has been popular ever since. Some of its most famous users include composers like Mozart and Haydn. The instrument can be played alone or in an orchestra. It is also used to play jazz music. In this article, we discuss some events related to the bassoon.

International Bassoon Convention

The International Bassoon Convention happens in July at Loughborough University. It brings together bassoon players from all over the world. It has been going on for 25 years. This year’s edition was very special because it was a Silver Anniversary.

World Bassoon Convention in Budapest

The following two events are dedicated to teaching musicians this instrument. The International Double Reed Society will hold the World Bassoon Convention in Budapest.

Bassoon players of all levels can participate in masterclasses with experts worldwide. The Annual Woodwind Workshop at Indiana University is the perfect opportunity for woodwinds musicians to learn more about their craft.

Online Events

You can take part in the Sunburst Music Festival (in Canada), where contestants play a piece by Jules Henri Senie and then answer questions about their performance. They also compete with other international bassoon players using videos when taking part in Video Bassoon. The winner gets a $500 award. Check out our article on tips to master playing the bassoon if you want to learn more about online courses.

Cancellation of Some Events

Unfortunately, some events had to be canceled because of the pandemic. One of these is the Naxos’ online Masterclass with Jane Parker Huber, which was meant to begin on June 28th. Classes were postponed because so many people got sick. She will reschedule them soon.

Another event affected by Coronavirus-induced restrictions is the Alba Music Festival which was supposed to take place from July 22nd until the 24th in Italy. It was postponed because so many musicians couldn’t make it owing to travel guidelines.