Scottpool Bassoon: What we are About

Scott Pool bassoon is a website born to share answers to common questions around bassoon players. What music do they sing, where are they found, and where do they learn their art? The website was born out of a scarcity of answers to these questions.

In a mission to find these answers, most resources online proved to be either vague or complicated. This blog, therefore, is created to answer these questions in a detailed yet easy-to-understand manner. If we can find answers to questions that bothered us for days, why not share the same with you, right? There is no reason not to.

Helpful content is grouped into categories so you can find it easily. Here is the list of main categories.

Bassoon Players

Most people pick interest in their arts by watching and interacting with great artists. That is why the site takes a look at the best players behind the iconic instrument. Learn what motivated them and how they became so good at what they do.

Events and Concerts

The art of the bassoon is not very mainstream. Therefore, unless you have raw passion, bassoon events may bypass. But not if you read this blog religiously. This category discusses popular bassoon events and what they entail, performances and learning. We also take a look at those events that have been halted by Coronavirus restrictions and those that have gone virtual as a result.

Becoming a Great Bassoon Player

While practice is crucial for becoming a great bassoon player, it doesn’t hurt to take tips from past greats. Here, you will find practice skills that numerous excellent players have recommended over the years. This is one of the most enjoyable classes you will ever be in.

Further Reading and Writing

We share the resources we found most helpful, so you can also use them if you so wish. This is always a helpful article, given the numerous (sometimes unhelpful) results that searches bring.

Further, learn how you can share your bassoon knowledge with others on the blog. Refine your expertise by imparting it to others!

Scott Pool Bassoon blog is a product of passionate bassoonists teamed with great researchers and writers. Enjoy the results of many hours of careful and intense work.