Further Reading on Bassoon Topics

Quality bassoon resources are not very easy to find. Classical art is somewhat hidden from the mainstream. We scoured deeper than the surface and found some gems that we would love to share with you.


YouTube is a great learning resource for people who love graphic displays. There are loads of YouTube channels with bassoon content both for education and entertainment. Among the best we have sampled are included here.

  • Alexandre Silvrio
  • Richard Bobo
  • The University of Michigan Bassoon Studio
  • Young bassoonist’s journey
  • Trent Jacobs


Bassoon blogs are mainly about enthusiasts sharing their personal journeys. Sometimes, learning institutions also maintain blogs if they have bassoon studios. These resources are golden when it comes to peer learning. We have listed some good ones here.

  • Trent Jacobs (doubles it up with a YouTube channel, wow!)
  • Music, Life, and an iPhone
  • Cayla Bellamy
  • Kristopher King
  • Teach Bassoon


There are books that you can buy both as digital and hard copies, both online and offline. Bassoon, Grade 1-5 by Paul Harris is available online for $15. Other resourceful books include David McGill’s ‘Sound in Motion,’ Christopher Weait’s ‘Bassoon Reed Making: An Illustrated Basic Method,’ and Cooper and Toplansky’s ‘Essentials of Bassoon Technique.’

The above resources provide great learning atmospheres by exploring different sides of a bassoon player, from novice learners to regulars looking to expand their skills.