Tips from Top Players to Help You Become a Perfect Bassoonist

Bassoonists are a rare breed. There are only about 300,000 of them in the world, and there is no other instrument that sounds quite like theirs. If you want to be a better bassoonist or even learn more about this unique instrument, read these tips from top players.

Practice Consistently

The first tip is to practice as much as you can. The more time you spend practicing, the better your sound will be and the better you will become.

Layers used to help experts become better bassoonists are to remember that there are no shortcuts in music. When you do not practice your scales, you will wind up with a horrible sound when playing solo during an audition or performance.

Have the Basics at Your Fingertips

Do not neglect your basics. It is essential to practice the fundamentals of bassoon playing, such as making an excellent sound and learning how to breathe while playing. This way, all that you learn later on will be easier for you since these skills are already in place.

Also, listen to as many bassoonists as you can. There are some unique pieces out there, so it is essential to listen to all of them.

Play in a Band

Do not forget about your fellow musicians. You will have a better time playing with the rest of the band if they know you are working hard on improving yourself and staying committed to the group.

Additionally, ensure you play in as many orchestras and bands that you can. You will meet other bassoonists who will help you out, plus there are always opportunities for new music.

Always remember that growing in the bassoon playing field takes a lot of patience and persistence. There is a reason why it is not played by everybody!