Texas Music Educators Association

As a member of TMEA I’ve added this page as an aid for bassoonists in high school who are auditioning for Region Bands and All State. Below, you will find links the required etudes for 2018/19. Each etude is preceded by my own commentary of how I approach it, along with some alternate fingerings or other technical advice to give you some insight into how I would perform these at an audition.  This year, I was able to video record each etude, so all of the etudes can be found on YouTube as well as this site.

I am available for private coaching on the All State material either here at the studio or at your local school. Feel free to contact me regarding preparation of these etudes or to set up a coaching session. Good luck, and happy practicing!

Weissenborn No. 22

Weissenborn No. 41

Weissenborn No.45

Texas Small School Etudes

Weissenborn #4

Weissenborn #5