Where East meets West, the city of Sarajevo hosts the TALIS Music Festival & Academy each summer.  TALIS is an intensive chamber music festival where Academy Fellows are paired with professionals to work in small ensembles and present daily concerts.

As Academy Director, I coordinate the participants for each season, choose repertoire and arrange daily rehearsal and performance schedules.  Within the chamber music genre, TALIS presents Classics concerts, Children's concerts and boasts a strong New Music series where Academy composers work with an established notable Festival Composer to present world premieres and work on honing their craft during the festival.

Auditioning for future TALIS festivals is easy.  International musicians are encouraged to apply by visiting the web site, GetAcceptd.com and search for "TALIS".  Applicatns are screened starting in November and are usually notified by March 1 for the following summer.

For more information about the TALIS festival, please visit our official site:  TALIS Festival & Academy