Bassoon Reeds and Reed Making

Scott Pool Cane and Reeds Available!

As any serious bassoonist knows, the art of making reeds is essential to learning the instrument.  Whether you depend on a supplier or make your own, a good reed is necessary to make a proper sound on the instrument.  The reed is what comes to define you as a performer, and is the single most important piece of equipment the bassoonist uses.  

I discuss the elements of reed adjustment and construction in nearly every lesson.  Students interested in learning the art may take separate reed-making lessons.

Over my time in Texas I have discovered the local Arundo Donax, which grows wild all over the area, is a wonderful source of good solid cane.

I embark on yearly "cane harvest" field trips to collect cane growing in the wild.  The cane is cut into bundles and cured for 2 years before considered for processing.

Once cane is cured, I process the cane from tubes to finished reed, including the steps of gouging, shaping and profiling.

Many shapes are available, including my special "SP" shape.

Send me a message with your requests or for a reed lesson

Scott Pool Reeds and Cane are available for purchase at the following rates:

Tube or Split cane (full tube length)    $1.00 per tube

PreGouged (120mm)                         $1.50 per piece

Fully Gouged cane                             $2.00 per piece

Gouged and Shaped                           $2.50 per piece (1A, 2 or Herzberg)

Gouged, Shaped and Profiled              $3.00 per piece (additional shapes available: Berdon 1,2 plus special "SP" and "La Mimi" shapes)

Scott Pool Bassoon Reed                       $15.00 each