Bassoon Studio

Learn Bassoon, Learn Music, Learn Art

My bassoon studio is centered on the art of learning through music.  Using the bassoon as our artistic palette, students learn how to  improve the fundamental techniques of the instrument by approaching the bassoon and art as a whole.

Students are taught as complete musicians with emphasis on technique, music theory, artistry and for those interested, reedmaking.  

In addition to my university studio at TAMUCC, I teach all levels of bassoonists including adult professionals and amateurs.  I am also available for masterclasses and lectures which include but are not limited to:

Chamber Music

The practice of participating in chamber ensembles is an essential part of a musician's education.  It is never too early (or late) to start playing in a chamber group, and there are many, many combinations beyond the standard woodwind quintet.  As an avid performer of chamber music with years of professional experience, I am happy to visit with other chamber ensembles for coaching sessions.

- Texas All-State/Region Etudes

     - Bassoon Fundamentals (at any skill level)

     - Chamber Ensemble Coach

     - How to Practice Efficiently

     - The Art of Performance


Bassooning by the Bay 2018